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Get to know Matatalab hands-on coding robot

Lets kids develop the necessary cognitive abilities and learn coding skills from a young age. Kids will program a robot, create music and art!

Around age four the brain lays the groundwork for development of logic. Matatalab aims to help to foster the brain development through interactive, physical gameplay with hands-on coding blocks and the feedback from the Matatalab educational robot. The Matatalab educational robot kit was designed for children of ages 4 to 9, allowing families and educators to enjoy exploring the children’s first foray into programming, music, and art, making it one of the first educational robots indiscriminative of race, gender or education level.

Learning the logic of programming without a computer

Computer programming is based on simple logical concepts that can be learned by children early in life through simple games developed specifically for their age. Equipped with the understanding of these fundamental concepts, children at a later age will be able to grasp more abstract concepts of STEM classes and real programming at school and can learn without fear.

Learning the basics of music and art

The educational coding games of Matatalab are not only created to develop their knowledge of fundamental concepts of programming logic but also teach the basics of music notes and art. By combining basic STEM skills with creative options for children, the Matatalab robot is a unique product in the educational robotics market.

Easy to use for children and parents

Matatalab, thanks to invaluable feedback of educational professionals from across the globe, has developed a simple visual and tactile system for elementary children using playful coding blocks. The Matatalab set is so easy to use, that even parents with no computer experience can play along with their children to support their gameplay.

Children can collaborate to explore the friendly Matatalab set’s functions

At the heart of the Matatalab experience is the way a child interacts with the Matatalab set through simple logic coding blocks. Unlike other educational robots on the market, the educational robot games of Matatalab allow two children to play together. Group play is crucial for human brain development, and Matatalab designed their robot to allow children to play with it in more ways than a traditional educational robot. The interaction comes from customizing the robot with funny costumes for special occasions, and role-playing through minifigs, all the while exploring the simple programming logic that drives the Matatalab experience.

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